WUSTL Dining Services: There’s an app for that

Menus, nutritional information to be viewed on mobile device application developed by WUSTL students

By Jessica Daues

An Apple mobile application called WUSTL Dining — which allows potential diners to check out menu items at each WUSTL Dining Services location — now is available at the Apple App Store.

The new app is free and also allows users to find WUSTL Dining Services locations and view nutritional information on menu items on their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

WUSTL Dining can be found in the Apple App Store by searching for “WUSTL Dining” or by visiting itunes.apple.com/app/wustl-dining/id474761722?mt=8.

The WUSTL Dining app is available only for Apple iOS products currently, but student developers are working on Windows Phone and Android versions of the app, says John Bailey, assistant director of Student Technology Services.

Bailey estimates that Windows and Android versions will be available by the beginning of the spring semester.

WUSTL Dining Services and WUSTL’s Office of Information Services and Technology (IS&T) and Office of Public Affairs collaborated with two students from the School of Engineering & Applied Science — senior Oliver Jones and graduate student Shubho Sadhu — to review and publish the WUSTL Dining app as part of the Mobile Computing Initiative (MCI).

WUSTL Dining originally was conceived and coded by Jones and Sadhu as part of an advanced programming course in the School of Engineering & Applied Science, taught by Todd Sproull, PhD, lecturer in computer science and engineering. The course encourages students to come up with their own ideas for new mobile applications.

Through the MCI, IS&T and the Office of Public Affairs are working to establish mobile computing and mobile web development policies and procedures for collaboration with student developers and other members of the university community.

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