Star Performers Shine Brightly


Shawn shows the importance of a first impression


November 2012’s Star Performer is Shawn Walker, a WUSM employee of almost 10 years.  She is currently an appointment scheduler in the department of medicine at the Diabetes Center at the CAM.  As such, hers is often the first voice that the center’s patients experience.   The following comments from her co-workers and faculty physicians demonstrate just how valuable her interactions are during that initial telephone conversation.  Shawn’s nomination included comments from 14 individuals – physicians, co-workers and patients! 


Shawn’s award ceremony included a large number of fans who were anxious to surprise her. 


Here are some of the comments from the physicians and co-workers :


Once a week Shawn works at our front desk and patients are delighted to meet the voice that has helped make their scheduling requests come true. Her patience both in person and on the telephone is beyond compare.


She has a great relationship with all of the staff, MDs, NPs, CDEs, and MAs. She has a wonderful sense of humor, is always upbeat, and makes everyone smile even when the day has presented challenges for the team.


Shawn always has a smile on her face and her upbeat attitude is infectious. She is very clever and puts some fun into our day. She has a great relationship with everyone on our team and she leaves everyone with a good feeling about our center.”


Shawn is an individual who is always willing to go above and beyond for patients and her co-workers.  It is a true pleasure to work with her and I am grateful that she is a friend.


Patients take the time to write about Shawn:


        Just wanted to bring to your attention that your Shawn should be a Star Performer.  She is always chipper, pleasant, and has a smile on her face!


        Shawn is amazing! She goes above and beyond every day! Every time I call or come in, she is so genuinely nice and caring; it makes me glad to be here!


After reviewing so many positive comments about Shawn’s great attitude and work ethic, we asked her who had the biggest influence in her life and she replied, “I would have to say my father.  As my role model, he taught me to:


 “Do the job right the first time,

               Don’t cut corners,

   Always be upfront and honest and

   Most importantly, treat others as you wish to be treated.” 


Shawn also remarked that she has worked with some really great people who taught her the true meaning of teamwork!


What advice would Shawn give to others to help make Washington University Medical Center a great place to work?  She responded by quoting the famous author Mark Twain: 


“Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”



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