Kathy Ann Cherry is a medical assistant II who has been with medical oncology close to three years.  Her previous experience was with the allergy services at DePaul Hospital.


Kathy shared that this is the first time she has worked with cancer patients.  She told us “What surprises me most is the amount of fight and determination each patient has, despite their diagnosis or sometimes even the pain associated with their treatment.  I am constantly amazed by these wonderful people and their ability to continue to battle every day and not quit.”

Kathy's co-workers shared these comments on her nomination letters:


"Kathy is a medical assitant who joined us in medical oncology in 2010.  She has a positive energy that is a joy to be around and everyone benefits from her warmth, compassion and generous smile."


"Kathy has the ability to put everyone around her in a better mood.  Everyone from faculty and staff to the patients and their families comment on her positive attitude and enthusiasm to always do what is best for our patients."


"I can tell you that Kathy is a role model for all employees and her happiness is contagious!  She has the wonderful ability to calm everyone and create and positive work environment.  This gift is especially appreciated on the days that we are running behind and patients are experiencing long wait times."


"It is always a great pleasure on the days we get to work with Kathy.  She is truly loved by patients, her co-workers, the faculty, and honestly, everyone who encounters her great personality.  I sincerely hope she is recognized as a star performer, because she truly deserves this honor." 


 We asked Kathy about the source of her own positive energy.  She credits her mother:


"Some of the best advice I have received is from my mom was 'Enjoy what you do and do it with a smile.'  When you are in the career or Care, I believe it is important to let those whom you care for know that you are happy and willing to do everything within your power to make them comfortable.  Often times people face challenges that many of us can only imagine and something as simple as a smile can often go a long way in getting people through that day, one day at a time."

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