Congrats to Our Star Performer, Tammy Preuss!

Tammy Preuss took her Dad's advice to heart

Tammy Preuss, medical assistant III, at the west county Medicine Multispecialty Center (Department of Medicine) is pictured at left with her supervisor Cindy Brubaker, practice office manager.

Tammy joined the staff of the multispecialty center in West County three years next month. When we asked her what was the best advice she ever received, Tammy replied,” I would have to say I have three favorites that my dad said to me. 1 - Always help others and work hard, it will make you and your heart rich. 2 - Never hold a grudge, you will not be at peace with yourself. And 3 - Remove the word can’t from your vocabulary, it will hold you back.”

Her father’s wisdom and advice have clearly influenced Tammy’s approach to her profession and daily work. She was selected as a Washington University Star Performer because of the impression she has made on her supervisors and co-workers, including:

“Tammy has the ability to make every one of our patients feel special and she truly experiences joy from helping others. She makes it her practice to ask every patient at check out if they were able to get answers to all of their questions. Patient satisfaction is very important to her, and I have seen her take patients to an empty exam room when the patient has further questions or needs clarification. This is just one example of the care and concern that she exhibits every day.”

“Tammy has a great rapport with everyone in our office. She wears many hats, and will jump in whenever she sees an opportunity. When she notices someone is having a tough day, she makes a point of leaving them a note of encouragement or a flower to let them know she is thinking of them.”

“As a physician, I look forward to working with Tammy because she is a true patient advocate, and always finds a way to accommodate our patients’ needs. She is meticulous and an excellent communicator.”

“Tammy is a ‘Ray of Sunshine’ whose joy is contagious. She is truly deserving of the Star Performer Award.”

Like most Star Performers, Tammy didn’t consider herself out of the ordinary. Tammy says, “The day I received the award, a meeting was called for the staff to attend. I assumed it was an update in addition to our monthly staff meeting. I had no idea this meeting was to present me with an award. I was so off guard when my name was called that I was totally speechless !! and totally surprised !!

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