Congrats to Our Star Performer, Barb Hobbs!

"A smile can change everything in a heartbeat."

Barbara Hobbs, adminstrative coordinator at the CAM Medicine Multispecialty Center (Department of

Medicine) is pictured at her award ceremony with Richard Brasington, MD, Division of Rheumatology. 

The quotation above is from one of Barbara's patients commenting on her friendly demeanor.

Barbara says, "And I remeber thinking after she left that day "She is right".  Even when I

think I've had a bad day, somone smiles and says hello, and it seems like everything is better.

So I took that as great personal advice for others.



Barbara has worked in Internal Medicine for more than 7 years.  Her supervisor and co-workers

say this about her:


"Barb is here every morning to open the clinic and ensure everything is in order before our day

begins.  She greats everyone with a smile and wants to be helpful to anyone who may need

some assistance."


"Barb sends the same message to every person with whom she interacts; she cares about you

and she is genuinely concerned about the welfare of our patients."


"Barb is an asset to our team because she will always take time to help no matter what she is doing.

She is an exceptional leader who leads by example."


"Barb is invaluable to me.  She anticipates my needs and the needs of my patients even before I

know what they need!"


"When I close my eyes and picture a star performer, I see Barb.  She is absolutly key to the

day-to-day operations of our center and I am greatful that I have the oppertunity to work with

Barb on a daily basis."


Apparently Barbara never considered herslef key to day-to-day opperations.  Regarding her award,

she says"I didn't know anything about it until I walked in the room and I was shocked.  I would

have never thought that I would ever receive this type of recognition and I am honored to have

been chosen."

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