HIPAA Reminder


As part of our daily duties, some of us may find that family, friends, neighbors or co-workers are receiving treatment in our facility. 

We may see people we recognize in treatment areas or in hallways, or we may see their names on various reports. 


It cannot be stressed enough that all of our patients, including those who may be workforce members, are entitled to the same level of privacy. 

Any protected health information you come across as you do your work is not to be shared with anyone else. 


Additionally, do not let your concern for loved ones get the better of you. 

Don’t use the power of your password to look up anyone else’s medical information without a “legitimate business need to know”. 

Your concern and caring for another person does not change the fact that looking up a record without a “legitimate business need to know” is a serious breach of HIPAA policy.


icon Fax Cover Sheets

All fax cover sheets MUST include a call back number in the event the fax was received in error.

All cover sheets MUST have the following cofidentiality statement on them:  

"The materials enclosed with this facsimile transmission are private and confidential and are the property of the sender. If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that any unauthorized use, disclosure, copying, distribution, or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this telecopied information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this facsimile transmission in error, please immediately notify the sender via telephone to arrange for return of the forwarded documents to us."

icon Digital PHI

DO NOT store images of patient information on mobile devices.

All images MUST be transferred to a WUSM secure network at least once a week.

icon Shred-It Bins

If the contents you wish to discard contain sensitive or confidential Protected Health Information (PHI), you MUST use a designated 'Shred-It' containter or a box with the following RED label:







 ALL personal shredding boxes MUST have the RED Label

Each employee is REQUIRED to deliver the contents of their own boxes to the main 'Shred-It' box each night.

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Official WUSM HIPAA forms

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